Meet Ruby

rpicI believe in the healing capacity and power to change that exists within each individual.  I earned a Masters degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from AOMA, Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, where I was lucky enough to be introduced to Traditional Chinese medicine by a faculty who are internationally recognized as experts in their fields.  I am a board certified  herbalist and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine with  the NCCAOM  National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,  and  I am licensed to practice acupuncture  by the State of Texas Medical board. I have advanced in depth study with Dr. Mikio Sankey for 8 years and certification in Level III & IV Advanced Esoteric acupuncture.   I live and practice in South Austin, Texas in my  clinic “Upper Star Acupuncture” located at 1825 Fortview, suite 112 A.    My personal experience in changing lifestyle and diet to better my own health and well being has given me insight into the true nature of healing.

I have experience treating a variety of people suffering from a wide spectrum of concerns including physical ailments, such as; sciatica, migraines, chronic pain, muscle injuries, joint pain, bell’s palsy, nerve pain and other issues such as stress, PTSD, insomnia, depression, addiction, anxiety, fertility issues and aging. I treat pre and post operative patients, as well as play a supportive role in treatments for those receiving or recovering from chemotherapy and radiation medicine.   I do not believe that acupuncture has to hurt to be effective. I believe in creating a calm, supportive and safe environment for each individual that comes into my clinic to be the best way to assist in healing.  I like to give individual attention to each person to create lifestyle changes and plans specific to their needs that fit into their day to day schedule.  I use a variety of traditional oriental medicine treatments including acupuncture, traditional herbal medicine, cupping, Asian bodywork and techniques, in addition to the more modern infrared therapy, electrical stimulation, auricular acupuncture, scalp acupuncture based on mapping of the brain  and  Esoteric patterns brought to us by Dr. Mikio Sankey (his body of work known as Esoteric Acupuncture dates back to 1999).   I have extensively studied advanced techniques in Master Tung’s style, an extremely effective traditional Chinese family system carefully preserved and passed from generation to generation for over 300 years a gift he gave the world through his teachings and students in the 1950’s and continued on until his death in 1975.  I blend traditional as well as modern techniques in ways that are relevant to each client’s needs.

I have a great passion for my practice of Esoteric acupuncture.  Esoteric acupuncture treatments integrate traditional Chinese acupuncture with sacred geometry, the Hindu chakra system and images from the Kabbalah to raise one’s energetic frequency. Esoteric acupuncture works on the energy body, opens and balances the chakras, helping to clear blockages as it increases intuition allowing for a new paradigm of healing. Esoteric acupuncture can facilitate healing of the emotions and spirit, as well as the dense physical body. Dietary changes and meditation are both essential for those wishing to gain the most benefit from this style of acupuncture.

I believe that traditional herbal medicine is a great alternative to synthetic prescription drugs, because it can be used to create herbal formulas specific to each client’s needs, that treat the underlying root cause of disharmony, as well as symptomatic relief.  Herbal medicines are created to treat the individual, not a disease.  Many modern pharmaceutical medicines are based on the healing properties found in the herbal pharmacopeia.  Herbs, nature’s own medicine are a better choice for many due to  the absence of harmful or unwanted side effects.  I use the best medicinal grade herbs available on the market sourced from Evergreen Herbs that have been tested for purity, quality  and certified GMP.